Enker i India, mars 2019

Widows of Vrindavan, March 2019
In Vrindavan, India, one of Hinduism’s holiest cities, Widows from across the country come to live out the rest of their lives in convent like ashrams, where they spend their time singing hymns to Krishna, the god of love. Some come here voluntarily, seeking solace in religion while others are abandoned by families on account of dire poverty.


Flyktninger i Libya, januar 2018 (reportasjen)

Refugees in Libya, January 2018
Out of sight, out of mind, refugees in Libya's detention centres. Hundreds remain locked up for an indefinite period in harmful conditions, exposed to abuses and deaths, and driven to desperation.


Barnebruder, juni 2018

Child marriage, June 2018
Child marriage is an old custom in Yemen that still survives. While the harm it does to the girls forced to marry young is well known, the increase in child marriages as a result of impoverishment due to the conflict is not as well understood.


Barn som sulter, april 2018

Child starvation, April 2018
Filmed for NRK in Yemen, portraying the consequences of the Yemen conflict. Intense civil war has pushed underdeveloped, overlooked Yemen to the brink of collapse.


Mosul-offensiven, oktober 2017

Mosul offensive, October 2017
As the battle to free Mosul from ISIS raged on, it took a huge toll on the city and its inhabitants. We embedded with a group of Iraqi soldiers on the frontline in the ISIS Battle. Murtada Sas Jawad, the soldier interviewed in this report was killed a month later by friendly fire - an American air attack, according to his fellow soldiers.


Kamper i Mosul, april 2016

The battle for Mosul, April 2016
During the Mosul offensive against ISIS in Mosul, Qayarah's oil fields were set on fire by ISIS fleeing the territory, causing huge hardship to people and animals living there. Babies and children developed respiratory problems and sheep grazing in the fields turned back from the oily soot in the air.


Norske Mike kjemper mot IS, oktober 2016

Norwegian Mike fighting ISIS, October 2016
Given the instability in Kurdistan since British partition, Kurds have emigrated to various parts of the world. When ISIS invaded Kurdish areas, many Kurds who were second-generation Immigrants born in western countries, went to Iraq to join the Peshmerga to fight ISIS.