Still At Sea

by George Kurian
Coming soon in 2019

Still At Sea

A new film by George Kurian giving voice to refugees against a tide of abuse arising from growing xenophia and racism. A group of Syrians flee war and persecution, but four years after a perilous sea crossing to safety, they are afraid and beginning to feel stateless all over again as right-wing extremism rises all over Europe.

Still at Sea follows refugees to where they have been given asylum in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium. The film captures their everyday lives, successes and challenges as they find schooling, friends, retrain for jobs and try to settle in new societies. Immigration, integration and multiculturalism are becoming the defining concerns for Europe, with reactionary forces on the rise, stoking fears about refugees as their pivotal argument to garner large swathes of national electorates.

In this film, those most affected by increasing anger, take centre stage to speak for themselves and warn Europe of the dangers ahead. Their first-hand experience of intolerance, tyranny and conflict have important insights for all of us.